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  • Increase your total grant income?
  • Secure more core funding?
  • Build more long-term relationships with funders?
  • Improve your internal relationships and systems to increase effectiveness?

"It really makes you think...

...about your Trust Fundraising in a way that you wouldn’t often do as you’re usually so immersed in the application process or gathering information. It was a useful exercise to think about it from a more strategic and holistic point of view.”

Julie Shield, Partnerships Manager, Bliss

What is the Trust Fundraising Scorecard?

The Trust Fundraising Scorecard measures your charity’s ability to secure grant funding and identifies opportunities to maximise your grant funding potential.

With so much competition for funding, it is not enough to be ‘just’ another worthy cause. 

Our confidential Scorecard will help you to uncover the strengths and areas for growth in your trust fundraising programme.

Answer 40 questions and get your free scorecard.

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What are you measured against?

The Scorecard will measure you against the five-step framework for trust fundraising:


Your prospects are funders you've listed as possible supporters of your charity.
Prospect research should identify and prioritise these funders. If you don't have a prioritised prospect list, you can't be effective in your approach and you won't maximise grant income.

Case for support

To secure grant funding, you need a case for support.
It should articulate, with evidence and emotion, why funders should support your charity as opposed to any of the other 200,000 charities in the UK.


The application process requires you to meet the unique needs and wants of each prospective funder.
If you can answer funders' question questions with the right mix of credibility, authority and passion, your charity will stand out and secure the funding you need.


Building lasting relationships with funders is essential to growing your annual grant income.
You need to exceed reporting and compliance requirements by finding additional ways to demonstrate the impact of their funding.


To maximise your funding potential, you need to manage your trust fundraising programme effectively.
This means developing valuable internal relationships and efficient systems. This will ultimately be the deciding factor in whether you can, not only secure grant funding, but maximise your potential.

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There’s plenty of useful tips...

“What was most helpful for me was that the results are split in to different sections, so you can see at a glance where you’re doing well and where you need to improve. I also thought that the detail provided under each section of the scorecard was really valuable, there’s plenty of useful tips to help you get started.”

Lisa Wild, Development Manager, LD: North East

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